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Walgreens sunscreens are AMAZING!

I recently heard about people going crazy for Walgreens sunscreen because they were dupes for Elta MD. I looked it up on YouTube and Dr Dray did a review of her favorite sunscreens for under $10. She loved these sunscreens. And obviously everyone is going to go out and buy everything she loves lol So I checked at my local Walgreens for the sunscreen and it was completely sold out. 🤬 So I went online and checked every Walgreens within 25 miles of where I lived. Mostly sold out everywhere. This made me think people weren’t lying about it being a dupe for Elta MD. Lol I eventually found two of them. So I quickly drove over there and bought the last two. The sale was buy 1 get 1 HALF OFF. Total came out to be $4.50!!! They’re originally only $3 each for 3 FL Oz. I bought the Sensitive Skin SPF 50 (chemical & mineral), and the Hydrating SPF 30 (chemical). The hydrating sunscreen is amazing. Goes on easy. No white cast whatsoever. Doesn’t make me look greasy. There was a slight scent to it. I checked and fragrance was listed LAST on the ingredients. The sensitive sunscreen is way better than I thought it would be. It left NO white cast on my face and was super easy to rub in. This one dried more matte than the other one. This one didn’t really have a scent (it’s fragrance free). Are these similar to Elta MD? Yes. Not exactly the same but closer than any other “dupes” that I’ve found. And you can’t go wrong with the price! Only $3 each or $4.50 for two! I really want to find the clear zinc sunscreen made by Walgreens. That one is suppose to be the best of the best. It’s out of stock everywhere in Minnesota and it’s out of stock to buy online 😡 What are some really good dupes that you personally love?




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