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App issues and Multiple Posts

There are tons of issues with the app that Picky has not fixed in months so figured I could summarize and provide an short FAQ as I’m a longtime user of some of the topics that come up multiple times a day. (I’m tired of the same posts over and over 🤣) 1) Reviews posting multiple times - please only click on the “publish” button once. The app is glitchy and it takes 30-45 seconds to post the app. If you continue to click multiple times, the review will post multiple times. Someone today posted 50 reviews for the same product. 2) The invalid address issue - it appears that the most recent update no longer allows any punctuation in your address. So if you have a period, comma or dash in the address you need to remove it. So instead of ST. you would put ST as an example. 3) Isntree Giveaway - it appears that Picky has grayed out the application button for the Isntree giveaway for all users. This might be because Picky hasn’t posted the giveaway on TikTok or it was uploaded too early. As I post this message it is 5:40am in Korea, so I would assume Picky will fix when they get back to work, especially if it is a country specific giveaway only. 4) Product Requests have not been actioned in months. I’ve got requests from February that are still pending and I can’t review. There is a search function in the Discussion page so you should search if you have a question, since several topics have already been answered multiple times. You can also contact Picky Support if you still have issues at support@gopicky.zendesk.com Thanks for reading!





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